Monday, 30 April 2012

Customised Rompers (Felt Craft)

Customised Name & Patch for Your Babies

 Sample : Lion Patch

Sample: CCC Uglies


 Sample: Customised Name

Sample: Customised Name & Patch

Butterfly (Purple Romper)
Size: 3/6m
Price: RM18
How to order:
1. Starting price for customised name is RM5 for a maximum of 4 letters/numbers. We charged RM0.50/piece for additional letter/number.
2. The price of patch depends on the complexity/size of the design requested. Starting price is RM5 for a simple design.
3. Provide us the theme/name to be customised. Alternatively, you can send us your design if you have any.
4. The price stated above does not include the price of romper. You can send us the romper of your choice or you can purchase from us.

Disclaimer: Actual color might slightly differ from the picture shown due to the variation of the computer monitor's resolution.

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